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The demand for hair extension and wigs in the Nigerian markets is sky-rocketing everyday. Therefore, hair extension business is a viable and lucrative business in Nigeria. One good thing about the hair extension and wig business in Nigeria is that it requires little capital to start. Almost anyone can do it.

Most women today take extra measure to look good and are willing to spend even their last money to achieve this. One of the symbol of a woman’s beauty is her hair. To achieve good looks, women make their hair with all types of hair extension and they do it almost every week.

Another thing I like about hair business is that you can start it small from home without renting a shop, and your customers will still reach you on your mobile phone when the need arises. So, the business is quite simple and affordable.

The Truth About What it Takes to Become a Successful Wig & Hair Professional

If you’re a hair stylist or a wig maker who is wondering why your career as a stylist isn’t paying your bills then you need this class. Most wig makers and hair sellers struggle not because of what they don’t know

Hair professionals have accepted that struggle should be a part of becoming successful. Not only is this not the truth, but it is a clue that something you’re doing is leading you away from success rather than closer to it.


Learn to Identify The Right Hair.

Often times, as hair buyers, we battle with the notion of being sold artificial hair that is claiming to be human hair on the packages. I’m sure your question is, how do we know if it is real or fake? Some stylists say by the texture of the hair, you will know. Some say when you  are bleaching, Though that might work, but it is not sufficient enough to different fake from real hair.

So in this class, you would learn exactly how to identify and differentiate good from bad hair, i can tell you from experience it will still be worth more than the price to be paid for this class.

The Class

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Only 10 seats available for this class per session, be sure to book a seat as soon as you can. Remember we would be sharing all you need to know and more seat will get filled very very fast. DO NOT MISS THIS OFFER!!!

This is going to be an in-depth and very detailed class for beginners… you will leave this class prepared and ready to claim your portion in the industry. There’s never been a better time to get started by perfecting or learning skills Sign up for the one on one beginners friendly class and you’ll be glad you did. Read below for course outline.

A deposit or a full payment should be made immediately because once the number of students we need are complete , Registration closes …

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Look no further than this course which is perfect for those looking to review, refresh and update their skills.

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This payment is 50% of the program fee. The payment covers booking your seat and also include some wigging tools for practice.



If you do not want a startup kit, sign up for this class. Wigging tools will be provided for practise. You can also come along with any hair you intend to color or work with.



Full class payment. This includes the starter kit and some wigging tools. hair for practice and  hair products. They are yours after the class.

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Time: Class starts at 11am to 4pm daily 

It’s a 2week course (Monday to Thursday)

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